• Why I like waking up in the morning

    This post originally appeared on the Cognitive Edge blog on October 24, 2012.

    Since joining Cognitive Edge in 2010, I have found great professional satisfaction in helping our clients recognize problems and make decisions about moving forward. At a more personal level, I have enjoyed greatly the behind-the-scenes aspects of the research and analysis — setting up data collection, analyzing diverse sets of results, and finding novel ways to present outcomes, both numerically and visually. This has included becoming expert in the use of the SenseMaker® software and also finding complementary tools that expand our analysis and presentation capabilities.

    Now I am excited to have the opportunity to share not only what I have learned but why I am so enthusiastic about it. The venue is the first North American offering of the SenseMaker® Foundations course in Albany, NY, December 3-4. If you’re not used to thinking of Albany as a primary destination, please look at a map. We are within a 3-4 hour drive from New York, Boston, Montreal, and Syracuse; and within a 2-hour or less flight from Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Toronto.

    If you’ve taken the Practitioner Foundation course, for example, (though it’s not necessary for this new offering) and found yourself thinking, “Well, OK, but now what do I do with all of this?”, you should find this course very helpful. While still rooted in complexity theory and the Cynefin framework, it will very much emphasize doing, learning how to use the Cognitive Edge methods with the SenseMaker® software. In fact, the entire two days will be framed around a purpose-built project that we will follow from beginning to end. As a result, you will get to see all of the real-world steps of capture mechanisms (dyads, triads, etc.), quantitative/qualitative analysis and reporting, contextual drill-down into narrative fragments, and presentation options.

    I hope you can join me and share the knowledge and excitement.

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