• Working Out Loud

    This post originally appeared on the Cognitive Edge blog on May 4, 2014.

    WorkingOutLoudSharing what I do is a big part of why I work. When I started with Cognitive Edge, setting up online courses related to SenseMaker® was one way to share in a structured manner. While I have written a few blog posts, each one was painful as I strived for maybe too much perfection.

    I work on many SenseMaker® projects. Each one is a learning experience. In my mind, the reason to capture people’s stories and gain insights is it leads to more informed actions. It takes a lot of thought and collaborative effort to create a Signification framework (aka research instrument) and collect stories. At times, I have been personally frustrated how little time I spend with clients in the “action phase” of a project.

    I have a current project with CareOregon that I want to use to illustrate working out loud toward more effective ways to work remotely with them. I am not comfortable with this concept. This discomfort could relate to how I was educated. You don’t share your mistakes. Regardless, I will try it out.

    What is #WorkingOutLoud? – background from Bryce Williams at his website and Louise McGregor at Change Meme.

    My next post (Cognitive Absorption) will outline the areas I will focus on. From there I will report what I’m doing and how It’s working.

    You can stop reading now unless you want to hear about the process I went through before I wrote this post.

    1. I’ve done lots of thinking and consideration on how to cut down on our clients’ cognitive overload especially in time-compressed situations like workshops. My focus is to have more people understanding new tools and methods to obtain a higher likelihood of adoption.

    2. At some level for the last four years, I’ve had continual thoughts about how do we reach and connect with more people using technology.

    3. The spark to start writing was an academic article I just read on sense-making. This content will be referred to in future posts.

    4. How do I overcome my blocks to writing so publicly? I like long hand, but it’s not an efficient way to publish easily. I have an iPad app called NotesPlus that allows me to hand write my thoughts and convert them to text with OCR. Since I’m just learning this app, I had some trouble with OCR on the first page I wrote. It worked better on the second page when I left bigger spacing between paragraphs. I also converted the writing to text after every paragraph.

    5. Then I had the issue of getting my NotesPlus document to some place where I could edit and upload the blog post. I had to save it as a PDF. I sent the PDF to Evernote. I opened the PDF from Evernote into Abode Acrobat Pro on my Mac. From there I copied the OCR text into the Text Editor where I can edit and upload. I’m sure there’s an easier way.

    6. The image was created on the iPad Paper by Fifty-three app and sent via email to me. There I saved it to Pixelmator and changed it just a bit.

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