Recent highlights

logo_COWith healthcare metrics tilting increasingly toward statistics, CareOregon wanted to hear from the low-income population in their service area to know how they define good health and what good health means to them. This narrative study provided response patterns, backed up by story fragments, that helped the organization’s Advisory Council take more targeted actions. Laurie Webster has been active in all phases of this continuing project (for Cognitive Edge and now for QED), including mentoring of staff to conduct future studies independently

logo_HWA_AusHealth Workforce Australia, a program of the Australian Government, wanted to understand the issues that promote and limit delivery of oral health care. We assisted them in developing and conducting a narrative study that defined the very different perspectives of both healthcare professionals and patients on these issues. Based in part on the findings of this study, several national policy changes were made to allow for better and broader access for consumers. This project was led by Mike Carroll (Cognia, Adelaide, SA) and Laurie Webster (Cognitive Edge).

logo_NPS_nameMichael Jaye, Associate Professor in the Department of Defense Analysis, Naval Postgraduate School (Monterey, CA), developed a narrative project to gather end-user expectations and experiences when new equipment is deployed to soldiers in the field. Prof. Jaye was already an experienced practitioner; Laurie Webster’s role on behalf of Cognitive Edge was to mentor and support three graduate students who were working with the SenseMaker® software, developing story patterns, and creating an emergent pattern report. More detailed results are available in “Soldier Narrative Analysis as Part of a Rapid Fielding Program,” the opening chapter in a proceedings volume for Advances in Human Factors and Ergonomics 2014.


Selected clients (for CE = Cognitive Edge or QED)

Davidson College, Davidson, NC (QED)
Desert Research Institute, Reno, NV (QED)
European Services Forum, Brussels, BE (QED)
Fresh Squeezed Ideas, Toronto, ON (QED)
Girl Hub, London, UK (QED)
International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group, Washington, DC (CE)
Office of Transition Initiatives, USAID, Washington, DC (CE)
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, USN, Bremerton, WA (CE)
The Riot Point, Toronto, ON (QED)
VECO, Leuven, BE (QED)
Veterinary Services, APHIS, USDA, Fort Collins, CO (CE)