Workshop: Analysis to Action with SenseMaker®

SenseMaker® analysis has evolved greatly in recent years and can be conducted with a variety of tools – some proprietary and some third-party. This on-demand, two-day workshop shows how to work with both quantitative and qualitative data from a story-collection project by:

• providing hands-on experience with SenseMaker® Analyst and the Tableau workbook;
• showing examples of advanced analytics using SPSS and R statistical packages;
• discussing how these types of analysis blend with broader sense-making approaches including story theming; and
• emphasising how the Cognitive Edge approach to complex situations can facilitate dialogue with constituency groups or within an organisation/community to co-evolve findings and safe-to-fail interventions.

This two-day live workshop is available for groups of 6 or more to run at their location. This is an excellent way to create competency within a group of co-workers or collaborators.

Under the auspices of Cognitive Edge, Laurie Webster (QED Insight) is the instructor. She will share some of the analytical tools available and her experience in interpreting the patterns in data plots such as triads, dyads and stones. Along with her experience — including mistakes — from several dozen projects in recent years, she will show how to turn a dataset into a useful discussion vehicle and how to use the resulting insights to develop small-scale interventions and probes.

Course contents

Elements of the course:

◦ Understanding the data structure of a SenseMaker® dataset

◦ Working with different analysis tools

◦ Exploring story patterns and synthesizing data

◦ Building dynamic reports for monitoring and exploration

◦ Running portions of a SenseMaker® workshop

◦ Using complex facilitation techniques for sense-making of data

◦ Designing safe-to-fail intervention; and more…

At the discretion of the client, there are two dataset options for the workshop:
1. You may use story data from one project that you have run. (This is subject to a prior look at the dataset by Laurie to confirm that it is compatible with current software, that there are enough stories for exercises with the number of attendees, etc.)
2. Alternatively, you may choose our pre-configured instrument that focuses on the value a group brings to individuals. If you opt for this approach, you would need to collect your own stories to generate a dataset for use in the workshop.

Please contact Laurie Webster to discuss all the details and arrangements. The base price for this workshop is $10,000 for 6 students.