Workshop: Analysis to Action with SenseMaker®

• When: to be announced
• Where: to be announced
• Instructors: Zhen Goh (Cognitive Edge) and Laurie Webster (QED Insight)
• Charge: $1500 USD; early-bird $1275 USD until to be announced

Are you grappling with the question of how you can work with and make sense of the data that comes from a narrative-based enquiry?… How to work with dots within a triangle, for example, and all the stories that sit behind them?

In this Analysis to Action workshop, Zhen and Laurie will share some of the analytical tools they use and their experience in interpreting the patterns in triads, dyads and stones. Along with the mistakes and experience they’ve picked up in working with a wide variety of projects in recent years, they will show how to turn a dataset into a useful conversation piece, and how to use the insights to develop small-scale interventions.

What will I learn?

SenseMaker® analysis has evolved greatly in recent years, and can be conducted on a variety of tools – some of these are proprietary, and some third party. This session will provide you hands-on experience in a variety of tools – from the new SenseMaker® Analyst, to working with a Tableau workbook – we will also be providing examples where more statistically sophisticated tools such as SPSS and R are useful. Across the 2-days, we will also be discussing how the analysis can be folded into broader sense-making approaches, and how Cognitive Edge complex facilitation techniques can be folded in to facilitate dialogue with constituency groups or within the organisation/community to co-evolve findings and safe-to-fail interventions.

Course contents

Elements of the course:

◦ Understanding the data structure of a SenseMaker® dataset

◦ Working with different analysis tools

◦ How to build an Emergent Pattern report from SenseMaker® data

◦ Emergent story theming

◦ Complex facilitation techniques for sense-making of data

◦ Safe-to-fail intervention design; and more…

NB: We will be working with ONE sample dataset in this class. If you have a dataset from an active or past project, we can discuss some of the learning points and how they can apply across multiple instances. However, given the time limitations, it will be difficult to work on multiple datasets and project streams.

Pricing options and cancellation policy

This course is offered by Cognitive Edge, with instructional participation by Laurie Webster of QED Insight. Further detail, including pricing options and cancellation policy, will be on the course description at the Cognitive Edge website.