Online course: SenseMaker® Signification Design

• When: May 1 through May 29, 2018
• QED Instructor: Laurie Webster
• Max class size: 15
• Min class size: 8
• Charge: $650 (USD)
Last day to enroll is Sunday, April 29, 2018

This is an instructor-led course that introduces you to SenseMaker® Signification Design. It covers:
• Understanding the big question — Why run a SenseMaker project?;
• Learning the components of a SenseMaker instrument (prompts, triads, dyads, stones, multi-choice questions); and
• Getting a SenseMaker project up and running.

The course also offers four live sessions. Each session is scheduled at two different times, if needed, to be determined at the start of the course by participants’ time-zones:
• Conversation in small groups to get acquainted and answer questions;
• Clinic #1 on topics around SenseMaker®;
• Conversation on student-created instruments (signification frameworks); and
• Clinic #2 on topics around SenseMaker®.
The Conversations will be led by Laurie Webster from QED Insight. A Clinic will be led by Michael Cheveldave from Cognitive Edge.

Someone who has completed this course would be well-prepared to design a project and set it up for story collection.

At the conclusion of this instructor-led online course, you will have covered:
• Role and impact of narrative capture in the broader context of a project;
• Design of story prompts, signifiers, and metadata based on project objectives;
• Relationship between signifier design and fragment capture; and
• Steps in getting your SenseMaker project up and running.

• Participants should allow approximately 3-5 hrs per week for offline completion of assignments plus 1-2 hrs per week for a Conversation/Clinic, over the 4 weeks.

Pre-requisites & Requirements:
• You should have completed a SenseMaker® Workshop (classroom event) OR the SenseMaker® Environment online course. (Alternatively, you may affirm to Cognitive Edge/QED Insight that you have adequate prior knowledge).
• A basic understanding of using a personal computer (Mac or PC), OR, access to someone who can help. You also need to know how to download and upload files to the internet.
• You should have a broadband or DSL Internet connection to access the course materials and to participate in the four online Conversations and Clinics.
• Please use the latest version (or the one just before that) of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or a mobile browser.
• We are using the latest version of Skype and GoToMeeting for the Conversations and Clinics. Let us know if this will be a problem for you (for example, if you will be connecting from behind a firewall).

Student Discount:
Undergraduate and graduate school students with an “edu” address can use the promotional code ACAD-10 to receive 10% off the charge. This does not apply to faculty or staff. We may contact you to verify your status.