January 2015 webinar: Sensing the “Makers & Breakers”

Or, Identifying factors & people that promote & impede use of project results

• When: Wednesday, January 21st, 2015
• Guest: Terry Miller, TMiller & Associates, Rossland, BC
• QED host: Laurie Webster

Terry and Laurie lead a roundtable discussion about a problem for many sensemaking projects and practitioners in the post-storytelling, post-analysis phase: Despite having a dedicated in-house champion, perhaps even a CEO who is a Cynefin disciple, there is often resistance to acting on the findings. It may be operational or structural, a highly-resistant managerial or executive core, or multiple factors and people tugging in several directions. How can you help the doers and deciders understand the distinctive barriers to and attractors of success at this stage? In other words, how can you persuade them to use the results they paid good money for?!!

Terry and Laurie discuss successes and failures in their own projects and then are joined by several other webinar participants who describe their experiences — what worked? what was tricky? what should be changed next time?

Sensing the "Makers & Breakers" webinar (time codes)

00:00Intro/overview - Laurie Webster
00:57Terry Miller introduced
03:24Poll of participants to identify those who have run a SenseMaker project
07:45Ray MacNeil introduced
17:52Ray continues
19:00Astghik Martirosyan introduced
30:26Back and forth comments
34:53Susan Morrow introduced
44:32Terry comments
45:18Open panel exchanges

Terry Miller has consulted on organizational development and leadership for more than a decade across a broad range of business sectors — manufacturing, health care, financials, forestry, utilities, and tourism. Not surprisingly, complexity seemed to be universally present. He has been a Cognitive Edge accredited practitioner since 2007.

Laurie Webster has worked on more than 40 narrative projects with the Cognitive Edge methods and SenseMaker® since 2008.