Spryng.io: An Active Sensemaking Demonstration

• Course Opens: June 1, 2020
• Begin anytime.
• Venue: Online, self-paced
• Course Fee: $25 USD


This is a demonstration of how the Spryng.io platform works specifically related to the Active Sensemaking components. Spryng.io is a powerful new sensemaking platform. Some of you may be familiar with similar tools. This demonstration provides an actual example of a Spryng instrument with story data to give you some insight into how it is constructed and how straightforward it is to adapt and use for sensemaking projects.

The following are covered in this demonstration:
• Instrument set-up and story collection
• Triangle Analysis example
• Slider Analysis example
• Demographic Monitoring during story collection
• Overview Report

Who should take this course?

• Anyone curious about seeing the Spryng.io platform in action
• Those starting to use the Spryng.io platform and wanting to see a concrete example

This demonstration does not teach you how to move around in the Spryng.io platform. It is a high level introduction and overview.

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