December 2014 webinar: Sensemaking + Graphic Facilitation > the Sum of its Arts

• When: Wednesday, December 10th, 2014
• Guest: Nancy White (@NancyWhite), Full Circle Associates, Seattle, WA
• QED host: Laurie Webster

Join Nancy and Laurie in this fast-paced event that is both practical and playful. After the introductions, Nancy begins by describing how she uses visual methods in a variety of facilitative settings; Laurie does the same for narrative and sensemaking. These are 101-level presentations for their respective “incognescenti,” that is, Nancy talking about graphic facilitation for sensemaking practitioners, and vice versa for Laurie. The real fun begins when the participants join Nancy in the sandbox for a real-time, “safe-to-fail” visual experiment using a shared online drawing tool.

In a recent blog post, Nancy confessed that “I really don’t like webinars.” We invited her to join us anyway, and the philosophy and approach that she describes in that post come through very clearly in her distinctive and refreshing style. You can learn more about Nancy, her portfolio of tools and methods, and her impressive globe-spanning client list at About Full Circle. She also has an overview and detailed examples of some of her Visual and Graphic Work that you might want to peruse.

Laurie Webster has worked on more than 40 narrative projects with the Cognitive Edge methods and SenseMaker® since 2008.