February 2015 webinar: PERFECT Pitch — The zen of selling a sensemaking project

• When: Wednesday, February 25th
• Guest: Iwan Jenkins (@ijenkins), The Riot Point, Toronto, ON
• QED host: Laurie Webster

Iwan and Laurie discuss not only his distinctive experience in selling projects to commercial clients, but also how his insight may apply with NFP/NGO clients. Some of the questions addressed are: What do you say to an executive who is willing to spend money on a sensemaking project, but wants minimum risk, quick answers, and maximum impact? How can you prepare for someone already disenchanted with prior market research and probably dreading your pitch with 240 PowerPoint slides? Where is the blueprint for a bridge from theoretical purity to pragmatic selling? This webinar is informative, provocative, and exhortative, in particular encouraging participants to think about marketing ideas and case studies, things that worked (or didn’t work) in the pre-project phase that often goes unaddressed.

Over the past three decades, Iwan Jenkins (Ph.D., chemistry) has brought his lab scientist’s perspective to a career in the commercial world, including marketing, sales, M&A, strategy, and executive management; and then to leadership consulting in strategy, innovation, and market research. He joined the Cognitive Edge practitioners’ network in 2012.

Laurie Webster has worked on more than 40 narrative projects with the Cognitive Edge methods and SenseMaker® since 2008.