March 2018 webinar: Narrative Landscapes & SenseMaker®

• QED presenter: Laurie Webster
• Guest moderator: Anna Hanchar (@annahanchar), The data atelier, UK

In this webinar, Laurie talks about narrative landscapes and their use as a visualization tool in SenseMaker projects, including answers to the following:
• What is a narrative landscape and how is it created?
• What metaphors apply to narrative landscapes?
• What are good practices you can apply when creating these yourself?
Laurie shows several ways these visualization can be used with story data.

This webinar is for those who have a working understanding of SenseMaker and the signifiers used. Watch for announcement of a new post on the QED Blog that amplifies and extends this webinar!

Laurie Webster is a long time SenseMaker practitioner. Click here for a bio and information about QED Insight.

Anna Hanchar will moderate the webinar. She too is a SenseMaker practitioner. Her bio is available here.