October 2015 webinar: Gathering Stories for SenseMaker® Projects

• When: Thursday, October 22nd, 1000 EDT/1400 GMT
• Discussants: Laurie Webster, QED Insight, and Marcus Guest (@marcusguest), Narrative Insights, Moscow, RU

A SenseMaker project needs participants to contribute stories. So, if you talk to anyone leading such a project, they will exude a high level of confidence that of course people will participate or alternatively that they have a good strategy in place to entice people. Nine out of ten times, however, the confidence is misplaced, or the strategy falls flat and needs a series of tweaks to get the desired level of participation. Laurie and her Guest, Marcus, discuss a variety of ideas for gaining participants and minimizing issues with story collection. Some of the webinar attendees also ask questions and make comments.

Here are time codes for the video to assist in finding particular topics, questions, and comments:

Time codes for Gathering Stories webinar
Time codes for Gathering Stories webinar

Marcus Guest is the founder and CEO of Narrative Insights, which focuses on delivering SenseMaker® projects to government, commercial organizations and NGOs both in Russia and globally.

Laurie Webster has worked on more than 40 SenseMaker® projects and recently created a new online course entitled “Gathering Stories.”

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