Research for sensemaking & action.

What is Active Sensemaking? A short video in English, Spanish, & French More…



Seeing a confusing landscape? We can help you sort out data and events. And show you how to ask people — your clients or users or customers, or even your own employees — to tell stories that describe their experiences and reveal their true feelings. Comfortably and anonymously.


Hoping for underlying patterns? We can help you see them — or their absence, as scary as that might be! — by counting beans or recounting stories. And we can help you ask the right questions to understand why those patterns arose and how they might evolve near- or long-term.


Missing the larger picture? We have helped many clients find broader frames of reference, perspectives and tools that let them see their situations in new and illuminating ways. We can help you gain similar clarity and insight with verbal, numerical, and visual presentations.


Looking for next steps? We offer resources — webinars, online courses, discussion groups, and workshops, either one-time or recurring — that allow you to gain a better understanding of the basis of our approach, or to develop in-house skills to conduct projects unassisted.