October 2017 webinar: Using NLP with SenseMaker®

October 2017 webinar: Using NLP with SenseMaker®
• Guest: Anna Hanchar (@annahanchar), The data atelier, UK
• QED host: Laurie Webster

There is increasing interest in the potential of natural language processing (NLP) for treating SenseMaker narratives as “textual data” and for adding value to the familiar analysis of signifiers, multi-choice questions, and demographics. In this webinar, Anna Hanchar shares her experience with the application of NLP in the development context. She discusses the basics of NLP and gives an example of how it was used in practice.

Anna’s slides from the webinar and the R notebook that she discusses are available on the GitHub page of the data atelier.

Right-click this link to download an audio-only file of the webinar to use with the slides.

Dr. Anna Hanchar is a SenseMaker practitioner, workshop facilitator, and trainer. She became interested in SenseMaker in 2013 as a complexity-aware approach that would allow quick context-sensitive, multi-level decision making. Since then she has worked with Cognitive Edge, Narrate and The Data Atelier on projects for many international organizations. She has a PhD in Strategic Management from Trinity College, Dublin.

Laurie Webster has worked on more than 40 narrative projects with the Cognitive Edge methods and SenseMaker® since 2008.

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