Statistics in the Triad, Part I: Geometric Mean

[latexpage] The ternary plot, better known in the Cogniverse as a triad, is familiar to users of SenseMaker as a tool for both data collection and data display. Its three vertices usually denote potential attributes, among which respondents can choose in any proportions, to amplify or augment their responses or reactions to some prompt aboutContinue reading “Statistics in the Triad, Part I: Geometric Mean”

The Man Who Mistook His Graph for a Hat

  Equilateral triangles have been used as a graphical tool for presenting compositional data for at least 150 years, most prominently in geology, metallurgy, and related areas of physical chemistry; archeology and anthropology; and population studies, including genetics. According to Howarth (1996)[paywall], they were also used as early as the 18th century to show mixingContinue reading “The Man Who Mistook His Graph for a Hat”