Statistics in the Triad, Part III: Random Data

Story data in a SenseMaker triad tend to cluster in one of seven locations — the three vertices, the midpoints of the three edges, and the center. It’s also common to find “stringers” between the center and one or more of the other six loci (i.e., along the altitudes of the triangle); there are generallyContinue reading “Statistics in the Triad, Part III: Random Data”

The Sensemaking-for-Clients Spectrum, Part I

Several weeks ago, as Laurie prepared for the Cognitive Edge workshop that she and Zhen Goh taught in Houston on September 8-9, Analysis to Action with SenseMaker®, we talked about a question of pedagogy, of “pitch”: How do you teach material when the level of experience and expertise of the potential attendees is diverse? MoreContinue reading “The Sensemaking-for-Clients Spectrum, Part I”