Triads and Dyads

I get asked a lot about what does the story data look like after you have collected it using SenseMaker®. Last year I put together a collector that focused on Employee Satisfaction. It was never released as a project but I had a number of people contribute experiences, both real and made-up.

Cranberry scoop with cranberries
Cranberry scoop with cranberries

(No, the stories don’t look like this.)

I put the 70 stories into Tableau to visualize them and realized I could publish this story data to Tableau Public and embed what I published here in this blog. I picked a triad and a dyad for you to play with in the story data below.

It’s a small story set. Most of the collections I work on run from 300 to thousands of stories. While you may or may not see any patterns, you can see how to filter the data.

What questions does this raise for you either about the process or the content of what you are seeing? Write a comment and I’ll respond here to your questions.

2 thoughts on “Triads and Dyads

  1. This was very useful to record and show as a snippit of how the actual SM software works. Thank you Laurie for posting this valuable resource.

    1. Your welcome Kimberly. It helps to see a live example that you can play with yourself.

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