What rhymes with REDACTION?

At times, it is important to step in and protect the identity of someone sharing an experience in an Active Sensemaking collection to help keep anonymity. We ask people not to share identifiable details about themselves or the people they write about. Some projects center around sensitive or volatile subjects where identifying people or placesContinue reading “What rhymes with REDACTION?”

Fiddling with data

I am always looking for new data visualizations that help stakeholders see something they might not understand with numbers or words. We can take the results from a Slider question and present it in its histogram format and most people will be able to interpret the responses overall. We can tell that the vast majorityContinue reading “Fiddling with data”

Implementing the Prophet Motive

Sitting in the infrared sauna last July, as part of a dietary cleanse, my mind started to formulate an offering to give SenseMaker® beginners a way to be mentored. In ten minutes, I sketched out the essence of what the offer would cover. After that, it was just thinking through the details. As a marketContinue reading “Implementing the Prophet Motive”

‘The Eggshell Thing’

This post originally appeared on the Cognitive Edge blog on December 15, 2010. My first project as an accredited practitioner was with a large international publisher that was trying to get a better sense of customer satisfaction with its products. I can still remember having some “disconnects” along the lines of, whoa, how does thatContinue reading “‘The Eggshell Thing’”