Implementing the Prophet Motive

Sitting in the infrared sauna last July, as part of a dietary cleanse, my mind started to formulate an offering to give SenseMaker® beginners a way to be mentored. In ten minutes, I sketched out the essence of what the offer would cover. After that, it was just thinking through the details.

First notes on design of program
First notes on design of program

As a market researcher who used quantitative and qualitative research, I fell in love with SenseMaker when I found it back in 2007. It took me a year to get to my first Cognitive Edge workshop. That one was held in Boston and I’m still in touch with several of the people I met then. Fortunately, I had a client who trusted me when I explained the power of SenseMaker, along with its unique methods, that lets you take action with what the stories tell you. I was able to hire Cognitive Edge to do that first project with me. And, while I got paid like an intern during that first project, it cemented my love for this approach.

One of my requirements when I joined Cognitive Edge in 2010, besides running SenseMaker projects, was to create educational opportunities for those who wanted to learn more. Over time, I designed a workshop and then three online courses. In the past year or so, a large part of my focus has been on how to get more practitioners using the software and methods. There is nothing better than the hands-on experience of running a project, especially with a knowledgable guide.

In early March, I will launch a program called “Let’s do a SenseMaker® project.” We’ve set up a webinar on January 13th to talk all about this, and I’m fortunate to have Kimberly Clouthier join me. Kimberly has already signed up as a participant. She has some great insights about the process of getting an organization to join with you in a project.

By the way, the infrared sauna visits didn’t work out for me — I didn’t sweat enough! — but some good ideas emerged while I just sat.